• I was introduced to Beau-Media by a friend when I commented how impressive his living room sound system was. Beau-Media were very patient in sitting down with me and explaining all the options that modern technology could bring to my home. It was immediately apparent that these were honest people that loved what they did as they recommended solutions that were far from the most expensive. When it came to installation they were always prompt, polite and professional but most impressive was how they managed to cope with the madness of my young family around them. No problem was ever too small and they always managed to find the time to help a fascinated and ever questioning client. Thanks to Beau-Media I now have the most amazing sound and vision system in my family home via home networking. Trust is hugely important to me and I have no problem saying that I trust the Beau-Media team 100%, so much so, they are now working on my ski apartment in Switzerland!–Chris Moth, Wimbledon Village

  • “Our Sonos sound system, Samsung 3D TV and home cinema system were all installed by Beau-Media. They installed and configured our home network giving us wireless and wired access throughout our home. The set-up was professional and expert and most importantly friendly and courteous. Once completed, a patient and clear explanation of the operation of all of this wonderful and complicated equipment was delivered to our family for us all to be able to operate everything that we use every day. In short, great service, great attitude and completely recommendable!”–Bob Dearsley, Surrey.

  • I engaged Beau Media and Myles Beaumont in particular to bring my house into the 21st century. This included the installation of a cinema room, a complex internet set up, an office type telephone system, multi room sky systems, Sonos, and connectivity and sound systems throughout the house. I found the service excellent. The level of expertise was very high and they handled all the work, installation and set up while keeping me in touch throughout. The whole process was hassle free. For anyone looking for this kind of set up I would strongly recommend using them.–Rob Kitchin, London

  • I was delighted with the service I received from the guys at Beau Media. From a technical and performance perspective the systems have worked brilliantly and met all of our expectations. From a service point of view they make getting the work done easy, and they're always happy to field a call to sort out any queries. Strongly recommended! –Joe Samuels, Hampton

  • Beau-Media provided a fantastic end-to-end service ensuring that a challenging network problem was proactively resolved. Beau-Media established input from hardware manufacturers, ISPs before selecting and installing an optimal wireless router to ensure truly reliable multi-media streaming throughout our home. Thanks to their enthusiasm, persistence and dedicated follow-up we now enjoy the full benefit of the home entertainment system that was desired.–Mr. Mason, Kingston-Upon-Thames

  • “Beau-Media Ltd have been most helpful in designing and installing my new multi media system. A site visit was carried and equipment tested from a range of options to enable me to make a choice with Beau-Media assistance. The new equipment was then professionally installed and set up. With TV’s, Amplifiers and Blue Ray players all being linked to the internet as well as a home network media storage system it was quite a complicated business to install and set up. After an initial training session to learn the basics the biggest plus with Beau-Media is that they have visited me to carry out two more training sessions which enabled me to optimise the use of my new equipment to its full potential.–Peter Young

  • Beau-Media have provided an excellent, highly professional service. They have supplied a cost effective, efficient solution for all our IT network and home entertainment requirements. I am happy to highly recommend them.–Mrs Tresigne, London SW14

  • Beau-media helped us from the first day of choosing the system through to installation and beyond. Being novices in audio-visual equipment, it was great to have someone to hand who could decode the jargon, help us define what we needed and guide us through the maze of choice. We are very happy with our system, which fits our family perfectly, and with the great service we received from Beau-media.–R. Spencer, Teddington

  • This year (2012) we made a New Year's resolution to do something about updating our multi room audio system and Beau Media kindly helped us achieve this. They are a company with a wealth of knowledge with a specific leaning towards multi room audio/television, cinema distribution and in particular the design and installation of structured wired and wireless networks, so Beau-Media were what we were looking for. Their help with our system design, installation and client training are very good. Beau-Media also offers an after sales service should problems occur and we would have no hesitation in recommending them.–Mr & Mrs Galley, Twickenham

  • When I needed to network my home office, Beau-Media provided a speedy, technologically-savvy, solution at a sensible cost. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a networking issue–Matthew Bates, Wimbledon


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Beau Media

My name is Myles Beaumont. I am the founder and owner of Beau-Media Ltd. Throughout the pages of this website I will introduce you to my company and the various services we offer. It seemed fitting therefore that a personal introduction may also be in order. Any organisation is after all, only as good as the individuals within it. That you are reading this at all suggests that you are considering bringing your home into the twenty first century, by either upgrading your current audio-visual system or venturing for the first time into the world of such technology. Whichever camp you fall into you are very welcome, and I hope I can help to convince you that Beau-Media is the company best placed to assist you throughout the entire process. Over the years I have dealt with clients with no industry knowledge whatsoever, who simply have specific requirements as to an end result. They may want multiple rooms connected to a user friendly audio system, or televisions sharing common media throughout their homes. Or indeed they may just want one very special AV room with a cinema, games, music etc all beautifully integrated. Sometimes the priority is simply to extend an internet service throughout their property by way of a professionally designed home network.  Others have their own passion for the available technology and a natural leaning towards what is out there. These clients will read industry magazines and product reviews for fun (no ridicule please, for some of us this is a genuine leisure activity), and will be heavily involved in the selection process. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. We are more than happy to offer as much or as little advice as is required during the early stages of a project.

As you may expect the world of audio-visual technology is very much my passion. I am in the rare and privileged position of having turned my hobby into a job. In recent years the available technology, particularly internet enabled services, has totally transformed the landscape of an industry that had become somewhat stagnant. My own AV journey began almost by accident many years ago. There was a time of course (younger readers take note), when something as everyday as surround sound simply did not exist. I remember the excitement however of owning my first stereo stacking system and the CRT television which took over an entire corner of my bedroom. Whilst the flashing lights and the graphic equalizer of my stereo system, coupled with its turntable, twin cassette and oversized pair of speakers left me feeling all warm inside, a voice inside my head kept telling me I was missing a trick. I had no prior knowledge to back this up but one question kept repeating itself in my mind. Imagine if this flashing musical beast could somehow be combined with my television. Could sound and vision somehow work together in harmony? I instinctively felt that this could be achieved and upon doing so I would have utopia. I stumbled along with nothing but an idea and my paper round wages to fund my ‘research’. Eventually however I discovered a scart lead with RCA ends (Google it young folk). This magical cable bridged the gap between stereo and television. I will never forget the rush of adrenaline, the sense of triumph, as the onscreen image before me suddenly came to life. No more television audio for me. My favourite shows, my games, were transformed into full stereo sound. The next step was in some ways more significant. Again my instincts cried out that there were more possibilities here. Just imagine if I had sound behind me as well. Man had walked on the moon so all things were possible surely. Enter a new pair of no doubt awful speakers, but speakers nonetheless. Some dubious daisy chaining of my existing pair to the new additions placed behind my bed and ladies and gentlemen I had my utopia. It was crude and with hindsight should have blown my stereo amp to kingdom come, but to that young wistful boy (and his jealous and impressed friends) it was surround sound.

Thus my journey had begun. My career path took me in other directions over the years as I persevered with my ‘hobby’. Ultimately however it was inevitable that the ever changing world of AV electronics would become my chosen path. I still feel the same sense of joy as that young boy experimenting in his bedroom, when designing and bringing to life the systems I now work with daily. I believe it is this passion, coupled with a healthy dose of perfectionism, which has won me so many loyal clients over the years. Many have become trusted friends as our ongoing relationship, in tandem with their AV equipment, evolves. I design and install every single system as if it were going into my own home. No corners cut and no details missed. This is my promise to you as a potential client of Beau-Media Ltd. When we eventually leave you alone with your newly installed home I absolutely insist that you have a broad smile on your face. That after all is the whole point of what we do.